NC-133: Paola vs Andreas (facesit onslaught)

In this must-see one-sided mixed wrestling video Paola (stats) subdues, ties up and facesits Andreas (stats) for lengthy periods of time, ridding him of breath and dignity.

NC-133 starts as your normal, everyday, facesit onslaught. Paola is able to quickly take Andreas down, mount his face, and make him submit to her multiple times with tight, heavy facesits before letting him free. This happens again and again, as Paola rids Andreas of air, finding ways to straddle his face and cut off his breath, making him tap out repeatedly, while talking trash to him. Midway through the match one of the spectators, Laila, throws ropes onto the mats, suggesting to Paola that she should tie-up Andreas in order to immobilize him and negate his resistance. Paola likes the idea and hogties Andreas while keeping him firmly pinned underneath her, after which she continues her facesitting onslaught in an uninterrupted manner. Now it is even difficult for Andreas to tap out audibly and Paola mocks him for it.

There are close to 100 facesit submissions in NC-133! Paola does front and reverse face straddles, full-weight face-squats, reverse facesits with arms grapevined – all filmed using close-ups as well as full shots. If you enjoy facesitting in the context of mixed wrestling, you absolutely have to see this breathtaking onslaught!

Match outline: staredown, the match itself + bondage humiliation (31 minutes), concluding interview (while facesitting), long victory pose (facesitting, then foot on chest).

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Profile photo of Tim
5 years 27 days ago

NC 133 Paola vs Andreas is absolutelt Brilliant.A great production.A big well done to all.Please produce more of the same.Fantastic.Tim King.

Profile photo of rdsboi
5 years 27 days ago

This video currently lacks a lot of subtitles. Its a shame, that more than half of what Paola says cant be understood by someone not fluent in czech. Please fix this, otherwise a great video