NC-150: Isabel vs Frank

In her most dominant performance at Fight Pulse to date, Isabel (stats) subdues and humiliates her male opponent, Frank (stats), in an impressive fashion in this custom-request mixed wrestling match, a must-see for fans of headscissors, facesitting and foot domination!

In the first part of the match Isabel starts winning point after point with tight, long, spectacular headscissors, wrapping her long, strong legs around Frank’s neck and body in straight, reverse and figure-4 scissors. She smiles and briefly puts her foot on his neck a couple of times after a submission, clearly enjoying her dominance.

In the second part, Isabel smothers her opponent to submission with beautiful, full-weight, long, front and reverse facesitting, facesquatting and other smothering holds, turning the match into an onslaught-style encounter, making Frank submit multiple times to the same hold before letting him up.

After she tires him out, she pins her victim down with several humiliating “human furniture” positions, including placing her feet on his face while sitting on his belly, pinning him via sideways chestsit, as well as performs a long, onslaught-style, reverse headsit, pushing the trapped male’s face into the soles of her feet with her weight on the back of his head, while pulling both of his arms up, making him verbally submit several times.

After Frank is unable to continue, Isabel plants her foot on his face for the victory pose, after which she sits on his belly, with her feet resting on her victim’s face. The first of the two concluding interviews is conducted in this position.

This match was filmed as a result of a custom request. Here’s what the customer had to say about it: “Isabel’s scissoring looks fantastic, especially for how new she is to wrestling. She’s also quite aggressively dominant, particularly in the smother segment, in which she made Frank submit numerous times per round before letting him up.” You can read his full review on the Testimonials page.

If you love female domination in the context of mixed wrestling, you will absolutely love watching and re-watching NC-150!

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (23 minutes), victory pose (foot on face, then on belly sit with feet on face), interview during victory pose, concluding behind-the-scene interviews (5 minutes).

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