NC-214: Zoe vs Laila (onslaught)

In one of the most dominant F/F onslaughts, an absolute must-watch for fans of female over female domination and humiliation, Zoe (stats) shows Laila (stats) her new place – under her ass and worshiping her feet.

Laila tastes Zoe’s dominance and aggression for 25 minutes, who clearly enjoys dishing out humiliating physical domination on her former rival. Heavy facesit smothering, breast smothering, crushing pubis chokes and suffocating pins, tight, long scissorholds, hairpulling, forced foot worship – this video has it all and is a treat for all fans of the genre.

Match outline: staredown, the onslaught itself (23 minutes), victory poses.

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4 Comments on "NC-214: Zoe vs Laila (onslaught)"

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Profile photo of sinderellax
3 years 16 days ago

i had been a fan of your page on facebook for a long time and i decided to join up and get involved and view the action. superb value and just the sort of content i have been looking for
thank you :-)

Profile photo of Charles
3 years 9 days ago

I couldn’t ask Zoe for any better of an onslaught match!! I have no doubt Laila will never forget her new place. Zoe’s dominance and aggression is unbeatable! Laila gasping for air with Zoe’s suffocating breast smothering, pubis chokes and facesitting.

Profile photo of Giovione
3 years 8 days ago

Great clip. I loved foot humiliation, foot in mouth and domination scene. Hope to see more video like this with submissive girls like Revana and Laila that agree to stay under other girls feet in which is included also humiliation interviews (for example in the video “FW-91: Lucrecia vs Revana (humiliation finish)”).
Thank you.

Johnny Spears
9 months 20 days ago

They don’t agree! They submit.