NC-39: Calypso vs Marek – escape challenge

Dear Subscribers, we are excited to bring to you the second installment of our new STYLE, Escape Challenge, featuring Calypso (stats) and Marek (stats).

If you enjoy when males are helplessly immobilized in various holds, some with a femdom twist and foot domination, struggling unsuccessfully to escape, this is a video for you. If you are a victory pose fan, you will love this one, as each successful hold ends with a victory pose.

In NC-39 our youngest wrestler, Calypso, puts out a great effort to immobilize and dominate her opponent in each hold. Look out for the last round – the victory pose pin – it is a marvel to watch the 19-year old girl balance her weight and pivot on one foot as the two move around while her opponent is struggling to escape the pin, immobilizing the 40-year man with only one foot on his chest.

Here is a full description of the Escape Challenge style including a list of holds used:

This style consists of 11 rounds – 11 immobilization challenges. One of the competitors, the immobilizer, has to hold their opponent in each of 11 pre-defined holds / pins for one minute, within which the competitor being held tries to escape. If there is no successful escape, the point for the challenge is awarded to the immobilizer, otherwise her/his opponent receives a point.

The competitors take position for each hold and are instructed to start the challenge. 10 seconds before the time limit (at 50 seconds), they are informed about the timestamp. If the immobilization has been achieved, and point rewarded, the immobilizer performs a victory pose, while maintaining the hold whenever possible.

The holds, in the sequence they appear in the video, are:
1. Schoolgirl pin with arms pinned above
2. Reverse schoolgirl pin with arms pinned below
3. Grapevine pin
4. Triangle pin
5. Lotus lock
6. Full-nelson / bodyscissors combo
7. Figure-4 headscissors with arm trapped
8. Reverse headsit (with face buried in feet)
9. Foot choke (ankle scissors with arm control)
10. Gogoplata pin (with ankle across the throat)
11. Victory pose pin (one-foot-on-chest pin)

If you have bought and watched this video, please let us know through the comments section or by contacting us via email, what you think about this style, and how you would improve this contest.

Note: there are no interviews in this video.

Match outline: all the challenges listed above (14 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest).

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