FW-163: Facesit Indulgence II (Curie vs Foxy)

The popular “facesit indulgence” is back! Madame Curie (stats) forces Foxy (stats) underneath her crotch and butt for an absolutely demoralizing amount of time in this painful, breathtaking facesit onslaught. This is real combat facesitting at its best.

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (19 min), victory poses (pubis choke, foot on face).

Preview photos:

Note: the photoset includes 2 selfies taken by Madame Curie at the end, while straddling Foxy’s face

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Profile photo of Charles
3 years 1 month ago

Preordered. Not what I was expecting for a Facesit Indulgence. How is Curie going to take over fight pulse with a match like this? I don’t agree with the description. Curie struggles and cannot keep Foxy under her butt and crotch for any prolonged period of time. Foxy is able to squirm easily out too many times causing Curie to just make her tap anyway she could. Poor Facesit control but somehow Curie still able to stay on top. Does not come even close to beating Zoe vs Foxy Facesit Indulgence!! Zoe prolonging Foxy’s smothers with tight front and reverse… Read more »

Profile photo of Tactician
3 years 30 days ago

Great video. Loved it. Unfortunately it did not include the introduction interviews nor the post victory and defeat interviews of Curie & Foxy.