MX-193: Gloria vs Renato

Czech powerhouse, Gloria (stats), displays just how much stronger and better she is at every facet of wrestling than Renato (stats), whom she also outweighs by 13 kg, by simply destroying him with great pleasure in this competitive, mixed, pins & submissions match that unexpectedly turns into an onslaught.

Gloria is so much physically superior to Renato, that this was never a match to determine who is better at wrestling, but to see how thoroughly can Gloria dominate Renato in a competitive setting. And the answer is, as much, as often and as thoroughly as she wants.

Renato, despite trying his best to fight back, is absolutely helpless against Gloria, as round after round she is able to make her way on top of Renato, straddling his neck in a tight schoolgirl pin, or subduing him with a submission hold.

At one point in the match, after Gloria successfully pins Renato down to the count of 10 with a tight schoolgirl pin, he expects her to get off, but she quickly straddles his face, while laughing, before getting off.

MX-193 was supposed to have a humiliation finish after the wrestling part was over. All was going well until Renato lands an accidental kick at 18:38 on Gloria’s face, and she goes into rage mode, ignoring the rules and time limits and starts an onslaught. Soon enough, with his neck trapped high between Gloria’s powerful thighs, either of which is thicker than his head, and being squeezed into submission repeatedly, he pleads her to stop. In response she moves up and straddles his throat to continue the onslaught, putting him in a real-tight mounted figure-4. The onslaught continues for 8 minutes, with Gloria making Renato scream and tap and pray until time is called, at which point Gloria seems satisfied with the punishment she has delivered, while Renato is completely subdued under her foot.

This is a must-watch for all fans of strong women dominating smaller, weaker men in real combat!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (23 minutes), victory pose (foot on face, neck and chest), concluding interviews.

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4 years 1 month ago

This is an amazing video, displaying Gloria’s raw power. She was in control from the very beginning and could have done anything with her prey. It was fascinating to watch Renato submit time after time, eventually surrendering his will to Gloria. He comes to the conclusion that Gloria is simply to strong for him to mount and defense, he was at her will and mercy. And Gloria knew this early on, she simply overwhelmed her opponent.