Xena caught in reverse headscissors

FW-07: Lucrecia vs Xena (headscissors match)

This is a headscissor submissions only competitive wrestling match between two big and strong girls, Lucrecia (6′ 0″, 216 lbs) and Xena (5′ 11″, 161 lbs). If you like watching two beautiful females fighting with a goal of wrapping their legs around the opponent’s neck and squeeze until submission, this video is for you.

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1 year 8 months ago

I’ve always loved size mismatches and this is no different. Two THICC ladies go head to head as Xena struggles against Lucrecia using her size and weight to her advantage. Xena puts in a good effort and you could see a few times she manages to get out, though eventually submitting to the stronger woman. Midway through it looked like Lucrecia was being a little lax in the fight as we see Xena using her arms to pry those THICC thighs off her head. Lucrecia, being cocky I guess, sees this and tries to block it and eventually the smaller… Read more »