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FW-11: Xena vs Akela

In her first competitive female wrestling match for Fight Pulse, Akela (5′ 8″, 136 lb, 24 yo) is pitted against a bigger and more experienced opponent, Xena (5′ 11″, 161 lb, 27 yo). Akela is a fast learner, as we witnessed during the 90-minute training that she had before the match. Furthermore, years of dancing and active fitness have prepared her body for physical challenges. Xena is a big and tough girl with kickboxing background. Discussing the possible outcome of the match before the shoot we were almost sure that this match will be one-sided, and Xena, being the more experienced and powerful of the two, will be victorious. But we were wrong. Akela displayed tremendous determination and will-power to not only hold her own, but dominate the much heavier opponent most of the fight. Despite suffering a sprained ankle during one of Xena’s assaults, Akela, to everybody’s surprise, decided to continue the match, and outwrestled and pinned Xena notwithstanding the obvious handicap. This match is a two-way intense battle of confident and strong women with an undisputed winner – a must see for fans of competitive female wrestling action. Look out for rib-crushing bodyscissors from both sides, as well as pins to the count of ten full of intense struggles.

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Match outline: interviews, staredown, the match itself (16 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest), final interviews.

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7 years 7 months ago

Xena is sexy….