FW-160: Lucrecia vs Foxy (onslaught)

Loud volume warning, from Foxy’s screams.

Have you always wanted to see a big, powerful heavyweight, Lucrecia (stats), take a much smaller rival, Foxy (stats), to her limits of pain and humiliation, in a true onslaught, trapping her underneath her weight, between her big, strong thighs and arms, cruelly under her feet, as well as smothering her with real, heavy facesits against her will? Then you have arrived.

Foxy has become a lightweight during the pandemic, gaining more power with the weight, but she is no match for the 6′ Czech wrestling star, Lucrecia, who destroys her smaller opponent in spite of 100% resistance, dominating her almost at will. You must know by now that power play is in Lucrecia’s blood. The things she does to Foxy can be named, but are better seen.

Early in the match Foxy’s bra gets torn by accident, and Lucrecia is only happy to continue her humiliation topless.

FW-160 will be one of this year’s highlight releases, and is an absolute must-watch for fans of real F/F big vs small domination.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match (23 min), victory poses, lifting, concluding interviews.

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3 years 3 months ago

I doubt it even needs to be said at this point, but I’m gonna say it anyways… Naji and his team just continue to knock it out of the park. Fight Pulse is without a doubt one of the few gold standards in this industry. The care and attention to detail put into every video is astounding and this one is no exception. Big thanks to both the wrestlers and Naji for always seeming to put their best into their work!