FW-131: Lucrecia vs Sasha & Roxy – 2F vs 1F

Can two lightweight wrestlers defeat one heavyweight? In FW-131 Lucrecia (stats) squares off against Sasha (stats) and Roxy (stats) in a 2-part, long, intense, competitive wrestling match.

FW-131 is a result of a custom request, and is our first ever 2F vs 1F match, as well as our first tag-team fight. It has two parts: the first 30 minutes the two lightweights tag-team, in the last 10 minutes they wrestle together against Lucrecia, with a standard 1 vs 2 ruleset. The filming was almost non-stop, with the idea that an element of exhaustion will come into play. While it’s obvious that the lightweights don’t stand a chance against Lucrecia in 1 on 1 combat, can they tire her out enough to score? If they do, they win a bonus prize subscribed by the customer, if they don’t, then Lucrecia wins the bonus, and they have to bow at her feet.

You’ve seen nothing quite like this on Fight Pulse yet. FW-131 is a spectacular, long, exhausting match, a must-see for fans of competitive female wrestling!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the tag-team match (30 minutes), the 2-on-1 match (10 minutes), victory pose, concluding interviews.

Note: pins are to the count of 20 as per the custom rules, and are counted by the pinner; chokes & joint locks are allowed.

Preview photos:

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