FW-169: Rage vs Anna (School of Pain)

This onslaught is exactly what you’ve been waiting for! Finally, lightweight champion, Rage (stats), reveals the painful secrets of her favorite pins & submission holds in a competitive onslaught against her friend-turned-prey, Anna (stats). While brutally destroying, crushing and smothering her opponent, Rage is explains to you all the steps and nuances of the moves she does with glee. Anna does her best to resist and fight back, but fails frustratingly again and again, as one should in the school of pain, until she graduates with dishonors, and a degree in humility.

FW-169 is an absolute must-watch for fans of real female-over-female onslaughts.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (24 minutes), victory pose, concluding interviews.
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