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NC-06: Diana demonstrates Judo techniques

Diana, as some of you already know, is a black belt Judoka. She has been practicing Judo since she was 12 – for 11 years now. In this long (36 minutes) video, which we filmed on one of our customers’ request, Diana talks us through the various Judo techniques – grappling techniques (katame-waza), chokes (shime-waza), throws (nage-waza), and combined techniques, and demonstrates them on the male victim, Marek. If you are a fan of beautiful skilled Judokas in gis practicing Judo, you will love this video. Every hold, choke or throw is named, described and demonstrated – most until victim’s tapout – with attention to detail. Some are very hard for the male victim, especially considering that he is not physically or technically prepared for the task.

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