FW-176: Gloria vs Foxy (escape challenge)

Gloria (stats) and Foxy (stats) square up for our first ever F/F escape challenge! This is real, unscripted, intense competition with scoring and victory posing from both sides, a close contest.

FW-176 is a fantastic escape challenge, certainly the most entertaining entry in the format so far. After a close contest, and closing remarks where both Gloria and Foxy expressed a desire to fight under standard rules next, the opponents wrestle for 1 round.

Preview video:

Here is a full description of the Escape Challenge style including the list of holds used:

This style consists of 11 rounds – 11 immobilization challenges. One of the competitors, the immobilizer, has to either hold or submit their opponent in each of 11 pre-defined holds / pins for one minute, within which the competitor being held tries to escape. A successful escape is one where the immobilized separates himself/herself from the captor in a significant way. If there is no successful escape, and the final position is close to the original one, the point for the challenge is awarded to the immobilizer, otherwise her/his opponent receives a point.

The competitors take position for each hold and are instructed to start the challenge. 10 seconds before the time limit (at 50 seconds), they are informed about the time. If the immobilization has been achieved or a submission has been scored, a point gets rewarded and the immobilizer performs a victory pose. If not, the other party scores.

The holds are:
1. Schoolgirl pin with arms pinned above
2. Reverse schoolgirl pin with arms pinned below
3. Grapevine pin
4. Triangle
5. Lotus lock
6. Full-nelson / bodyscissors combo
7. Figure-4 headscissors with arm trapped
8. Reverse headsit (with face buried in feet)
9. Foot choke (ankle scissors with arm control)
10. Gogoplata pin
11. Foot-on-chest pin

Match outline: introductory interviews, all the challenges listed above (17 minutes), final victory poses (foot on neck & face), concluding interviews, 1 round of wrestling.

Preview photos:

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