MX-144: Rage vs Luke (escape challenge)

Have you ever been immobilized and thoroughly controlled by a woman against your will, being completely trapped between her powerful limbs or underneath her weight, unable to escape no matter how hard to you try, for an extended period of time? If yes, then you know what happens to Luke (stats) in this real, unscripted escape challenge, competing against one of the best in the business, Rage (stats).

In December, 2017, Rage had her first ever victory in a competitive mixed wrestling match, MX-105. Her opponent was none other than Luke. Rage was still relatively new to wrestling back then, but had already started her rapid improvement. It was at times a tough fight, but Rage won decisively. 2018 was the year of Rage – she took the session world by storm and became one of the most sought after sessions in the world within only a year. During this times she also won the lightweight championship by beating Jane (stats), and called out Zoe (stats), starting a chain of events that culminated in the biggest fight in Fight Pulse history.

This escape challenge takes place in January, 2019. Rage has become bigger, stronger and more skilled and confident than the first time the two squared off. All signs point to it being a one-sided ass-whooping. However, an escape challenge is not really a wrestling match – Luke only needs to escape each hold once to earn points, without the need to attack. Can he do it?

MX-144 is our second attempt at a real, unscripted escape challenge. The first one took place 2 years ago, and featured Akela (stats) against Andreas (stats) in MX-88, in which Akela was only able to successfully immobilize or submit Andreas in 3 out of 11 holds. We haven’t done a competitive escape challenge since, until MX-144. Unlike with Akela and Andreas, the difference between Rage and Luke in terms of both strength and skills is significant. Not only does Rage immobilize and control Luke successfully in the majority of positions, she does it with relative ease, taunting Luke for being trapped by her, mocking his attempts to escape. Rage shows complete and undeniable physical superiority over her male opponent.

MX-144 is an absolute must-see if you want to see a woman immobilize a man underneath her or between her legs in a real, unscripted, competitive setting, with him being unable to escape due to being significantly weaker and less skilled, and being mocked and victory posed on as a result of this by his female tormentor.

Here is a full description of the Escape Challenge style including the list of holds used:

This style consists of 11 rounds – 11 immobilization challenges. One of the competitors, the immobilizer, has to hold their opponent in each of 11 pre-defined holds / pins for one minute, within which the competitor being held tries to escape. If there is no successful escape, the point for the challenge is awarded to the immobilizer, otherwise her/his opponent receives a point.

The competitors take position for each hold and are instructed to start the challenge. 10 seconds before the time limit (at 50 seconds), they are informed about the timestamp. If the immobilization has been achieved, and point rewarded, the immobilizer performs a victory pose, while maintaining the hold whenever possible.

The holds are:
1. Schoolgirl pin with arms pinned above
2. Reverse schoolgirl pin with arms pinned below
3. Grapevine pin
4. Triangle pin
5. Lotus lock
6. Full-nelson / bodyscissors combo
7. Figure-4 headscissors with arm trapped
8. Reverse headsit (with face buried in feet)
9. Foot choke (ankle scissors with arm control)
10. Gogoplata-style pin (with ankle across the throat)
11. Foot-on-chest pin

Since some of the holds are actually submission holds (triangle, figure-4, lotus lock), and a 100% application of these holds may lead to a surrender, a submission is also counted as victory in competitive escape challenges.

Match outline: all the challenges listed above (17 minutes), final victory pose (foot on chest, then on face, then facesitting, then human furniture), concluding interviews.

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