HH-14: Toughness Contest (Sasha vs Ali, Squeezed by Akela)

In this special, custom-produced, real willpower contest, Sasha (stats) and Ali (stats) compete to find out who is tougher. The test – Akela (stats)’s legs.

The new real toughness contest, produced on customer request, is somewhat akin to the previous head-to-head contests. Each wrestler takes turn trying to withstand one of Akela’s murderous legly holds in an attempt to last longer without submitting than her opponent. The holds are performed in 3 different modes one after another: first at 50% of the full strength, then 75% and finally at 100%. There are 10 challenges altogether:

#1 Reverse headscissors
#2 Grapevine hold
#3 Front headscissors
#4 Bodyscissors
#5 Mounted bodyscissors
#6 Rear headscissors
#7 Figure 4
#8 Full-nelson & bodyscissors combo
#9 Reverse headscissors facing feet
#10 Standing reverse headscissors

The winner of most of these challenges is declared to be the winner of the contest. The maximum possible score is 10-0. The minimum possible difference is 0, since the challenge can end up being a tie. This could happen if 1, 3 or more of the above challenges end in a draw.

HH-14 is a new, entertaining format, and a must-watch for all fans of real, powerful scissor holds.

Video outline: introduction, stretching, all the challenges listed above (26 minutes), victory poses, concluding interviews, leg show.

Preview video:

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Profile photo of Charles
4 months 10 days ago

No one can withstand Akela!!