Veve Lane competitive mixed wrestling

MX-01 Veve Lane vs Brock Samson

We are delighted to introduce our first mixed wrestling match to the audiences, and are very proud that it features one of the top names on the scene, Veve Lane!

This is a competitive mixed match between the very skilled Veve Lane and a newcomer Brock Samson. It is a demonstration of what happens when an untrained guy, who doesn’t have much weight advantage over his opponent either, goes all out against a skilled female wrestler. This is a genuinely competitive match, which means that both wrestlers do their best to win.

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FightPulse_Veve_vs_Brock_01 FightPulse_Veve_vs_Brock_08 FightPulse_Veve_vs_Brock_18 FightPulse_Veve_vs_Brock_21 FightPulse_Veve_vs_Brock_37 FightPulse_Veve_vs_Brock_32

The format of our matches will be as follows:

1. 1 minute interviews with both wrestlers at the beginning of the video.

2. 15 to 20 minute wrestling action. Both pins & submissions count as points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the last fall after the match is declared to be the winnder and performs a victory pose.

3. Closing interviews with both wrestlers after the match.

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