Artemis vs AJ - competitive mixed wresting match

MX-10: Artemis vs AJ (A Hot Day in Brno part 6)

In this last match from Hot Day in Brno series, the young, beautiful and very promising Artemis is pitted against the older and bigger AJ. You might have already seen how Artemis handled the masculine aggression of David in Hot Day in Brno 3. But how will she perform against a guy that outweighs her by 50 pounds? Will her agility, grip strength and incredibly powerful legs be enough to dominate AJ? This match is full of exceptionally strong bodyscissors and headscissors. Artemis displays the amazing scissor power of her shapely legs many times in this video. Also look out for a very interesting hold improvised by the female warrior, that could be called leg-stretch-scissors. Once again, Fight Pulse brings you a truly competitive mixed wrestling match.

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