Viktoria vs Palome competitive female wrestling video

FW-05: Viktoria vs Paloma

One of the most skilled wrestlers of pins & scissors style of the scene, Viktoria (5′ 10″, 148 lbs), takes on Paloma (5′ 9″, 235 lbs) who has a clear weight advantage, in a competitive wrestling match. Paloma being a newcomer, although strong, has really nothing to put up against skilled Hungarian athlete who pretty much dominates the fight using her smarts, strength and flexibility. This match is a must have for schoolgirl pin fans, as well as anyone who likes to see smaller girls dominate bigger ones in a competitive setting. Holds in this match include: tight schoolgirl pins, facesitting, bodyscissors, headscissors, camel clutch (!) and more. Fight ends with a beautiful long victory pose by the better wrestler. There are short interviews with both competitors before and after the match.

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