MX-182: Rage vs Mike (humiliation finish)

“At least tap out like a man, if you can’t fight like one,” says Rage at one point in the match, after a quiet submission by Mike.

Warning! This match between Rage (stats) vs Mike (stats) is not for the fainthearted. It features one of Rage’s most ruthless victories at Fight Pulse, a lot of pain and humiliation, real forced foot worship, a complete and utter domination of one human being by another.

Since her debut Rage quickly grew past the world of Fight Pulse, and within one year became one of the most-wanted and appreciated session wrestlers in the world. Her physical talents, creative wrestling style, competitive spirit and love of imposing and experiencing her power, often in a sadistic way, make a mixture rarely seen. She has produced a masterpiece after masterpiece of physical domination on Fight Pulse mats in the last 2 years, including perhaps most notably MX-150 and FW-110. And this one is yet another.

What happens when a true fighter squares off against a guy with a desk job who lacks fitness? Destruction. Mike’s huge size advantage fades in comparison to Rage’s wrestling skills, agility and aggression. Rage subdues her bigger male opponent round after round, often with prolonged submissions, using punishing, painful scissor-holds, smother holds, pins and creative holds that we don’t even have a name for, as she often does. She verbally humiliates Mike, pushing his head away with her foot after a round, slaps his face when she traps him underneath her, especially after his meek verbal submissions, and generally shows little regard to her opponent.

Mike does not enjoy humiliation, and Rage loves the fact that he doesn’t. Noticing his unwillingness in the humiliation segment and attempts to escape, trying to move her foot from away his face, even though the match is over, Rage says, “where do you think you are going? You’re finished, boy,” and pushes her foot back onto his face, covering his mouth and nose, after which she adds “smell that. That’s the smell of your defeat.”

MX-182 is one of the best encounters we have ever filmed when it comes to real domination and humiliation through real mixed wrestling, and an absolute must-watch for all fans of the genre!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (19 minutes), victory poses, humiliation finish (7 minutes), concluding interviews.

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