MX-205: Rage vs Frank V

It’s time! The fifth, deciding chapter of the biggest mixed rivalry at Fight Pulse, between Rage (stats) and Frank (stats), is here! It includes an exclusive 4-minute match review and announcement by Rage after the credits, filmed last week.

This was without a doubt the most anticipated mixed match of the live event, and it delivered. The crowd absolutely loved and reacted to the fight! As many of you already know, Frank had been training and gaining weight specifically for the 5th match. After getting dominated by Rage yet again in the 4th fight, Frank changed his lifestyle, started visiting gym religiously and exercised a healthy diet, gaining 4 kg of muscle mass. He said that every time he had a hard time pushing himself at gym, he remembered Rage standing over him, mocking him, after physically destroying him, and it made him push harder.

Here’s the timeline of this rivalry, which spans over 2 years:

#1: MX-94 (September, 2017):
Frank and Rage square off for the first time in our first ever mixed tournament. Rage is new, having joined Fight Pulse only 2 months prior, and loses a competitive match to the more experienced male, who goes on to fight Jane (stats) in the “final” match. MX-94 was an epic battle, one of 2017’s best matches.

#2: MX-103 (November, 2017):
The two square off in a rematch based on popular demand, less than 2 months later. Rage is still not ready for Frank and gets defeated handily.

#3: MX-127 (September, 2018):
Within 1 year Rage became one of the most wanted session wrestlers in Europe, has improved greatly, and as a result crushes Frank with an absolutely humiliating score of 10-0. MX-127 is a spectacular title, in part due to the 180-degree change of dynamics between the two wrestlers. Frank blames his long, health-related lay-off and lack of fitness for the loss, promising that he will be victorious next time (see this video), and needs just 5 months to get back in shape.

#4: MX-157 (February, 2019):
The 4th match takes place exactly 5 months later, and Frank gets beaten handily again. Frank has improved, but Rage shows great top control and determination and wins the match with a decisive score of 5-0. Frank decides to change his life around in order to prepare for the 5th, final battle, asking until the end of the year to train.

#5: MX-205 (November, 2019):
For 9 months Frank’s purpose in life, believe it or not, has been to defeat Rage. Can he? Or will he end up subdued and dominated yet again?

This ultra-aggressive, competitive mixed match is one of this year’s best MX titles, and a must-watch for all fans of real, back-and-forth, mixed wrestling!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (22 minutes), victory pose, concluding interviews, brief backstage footage of exhausted Frank and Rage, a new 4-minute video-announcement by Rage after credits.

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3 years 2 months ago

Yes of course there shall be Rage vs Frank VI…and VII…lol!