MX-224: Rage vs Michael (humiliation finish)


Rage’s reply to today’s promo-tweet above (direct link) will tell you all you need to know about this match. This dick-punch happened during the match, not the humiliation finish, after Michael found himself immobilized in Rage’s signature trap, the hold we now call “Rage’s prison”. Real drama, real animosity, real retribution. MX-224 is not for the fainthearted.

You have to be really dumb or suicidal to insult Rage before you’re supposed to have a match with her, and yet that’s exactly what happened earlier in the day – Michael grabbed Rage’s butt backstage, despite meeting her for the first time today, and being in absolutely no position to violate her personal space. Rage told him to fuck off and keep his hands to himself if he enjoys having limbs. Possibly realizing the idiocy of his act, Michael followed Rage all day after this, asking her to take it easy on him, which only furthered Rage’s frustration, and she ignored him, waiting for her moment. She brings this up in the pre-match interview.

Unapologetic and cocky, Michael stepped onto the mats to face the wrestler, whose nickname is “RAGE.” This was the day of his baptism. All signs were pointing to that.

As he goes through Rage’s meat-grinder, – brutal scissorholds, triangles, suffocating pins, – unable to fend the aggressive opponent off, you can clearly observe as his cocky, mocking personality, exemplified yet again by him grabbing and twisting Rage’s fingers multiple times during the match, changes first into fear, then obedience. This transition is real, and it culminates during the humiliation finish, when Rage is stepping on his face, forcing him to thank her for “being nice to him,” and he does, despite whatever was bestowed upon him being anything but.

MX-224 contains real emotions and real subjugation. Michael is no match for Rage in a fight and pays the price for his behavior. Rage thoroughly enjoys the humiliation finish, which she confirms in the post-credits interview, not that it needed confirmation.

A ruthless, but just victory by the alpha female.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (16 min), humiliation finish (6 min), victory poses, concluding interviews (individually).

Preview photos – the match:

Preview photos – the humiliation finish:

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