MX-225: Bianca vs Christian (onslaught)

What can a fit, powerful woman do to a young, unskilled boy in a real subjugation contest we call onslaught?

Christian (stats)’s fightful spirit is heartwarming and complimentary, and it’s often enough. That is until it’s facing an insurmountable enemy, one he had never met before – ruthless, calculated power, purposeful aggression, infallible pressure, uncanny agility and reaction time, all untied and personified in the woman i̶n̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶n̶t̶ on top of him. Bianca (stats) has her way with the newcomer, bending, squeezing, immobilizing, suffocating and humiliating her unwilling male victim for 20 minutes in this spectacular onslaught, finishing her dominance by turning the victory pose into a mini humiliation finish.

Donna Spietata is back!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (19 min), victory poses (long), concluding interviews.

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3 Comments on "MX-225: Bianca vs Christian (onslaught)"

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Profile photo of Mathias
6 months 3 days ago

Like many, I was highly anticipating this match. As I met Bianca myself seeing her go against Christian, who is the same age as me, seemed very intriguing to me. What I like with Fight Pulse is that they always exceed your expectations when providing matches like this, this match is truly awesome. Of course Bianca is amazing like always, toying and destroying her victim, but I was very surprised by Christian’s resilience and fighting spirit, as he tried to resist THE irresistible woman. The amount of pain he was able to endure was remarkable, he’s a great addition to… Read more »

Profile photo of grevis
5 months 25 days ago

All I can say is wow, Bianca is superb in this video and although he tries Christian just has no answer. Bianca is in amazing shape, possibly the best I have ever seen. She may now be the hottest female wrestler on the planet. Very glad I bought this video.

Profile photo of Charles
2 months 21 days ago

SPEECHLESS! What a BEAST Bianca is!
This is a MUST WATCH of a Strong, Sexy, Sweaty Onslaught!
I’m shocked Christian was able to endure her constant extreme pain.
Bianca vs Zoe Onslaught!!