MX-241: Andy vs Christian

Andy (stats) kicks down the old Fight Pulse door with one powerful, perfectly-placed swing, standing legs-spread arms-crossed chin-up at the sill, within her body not a single drop of blood that doesn’t descend from the Celtic warriors that once inhabited the lands they now call the heart of Europe.

Please welcome Andy! One of Czechia’s top wrestlers makes her long-anticipated debut at Fight Pulse by winning her first competitive mixed match in spectacular fashion, showing incredible strength and agility, genuine love of combat, and the confidence of a true Amazon.

MX-241 features real, fast-paced, aggressive intergender combat. Christian (stats) is trying his best, but Andy is simply the better fighter. Rounds 5 to 8 are extraordinary, with the final submission being out of this world, precisely in Andy’s style.

Andy shines brightly in this brilliant you-have-to-be-crazy-not-to-watch MX debut.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (19 min), victory poses (facesit, then foot on face & chest), concluding interviews.

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1 month 9 days ago

What a Woman this is as soon as I saw their bodies I knew Andy was gonna have some fun with this guy. Being a Man isn’t enough to beat this Woman they need to be Bigger or Stronger to try and even compete with this woman. She really knows how to stomp her authority and show her superiority to these weaker men being such a powerful Woman herself she’s just so mean and can patronise men as she wills and they can’t do nothing as she will just humiliate them physically. What a gifted woman with a solid torso… Read more »

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2 months 24 days ago

This is one of my favorite competitive mixed wrestling matches out there. Both parties give a hard fight and there is a lot of sweat. Andy, despite being the same size as Christian is stronger and manages to dominate him through the whole match. I really liked her smother holds, this is something to watch out for. Andy is one of the most competitive wrestlers of Fight pulse and very aggressive, you can see that from the first second of wrestling. Highly recommended!