MX-240: Bianca vs Duncan

The glorious Italian Amazon, Bianca (stats), squares off against Duncan (stats) in a real, ultimately-one-sided, mixed wrestling match, which turns into an onslaught twice at her whim.

Duncan has almost nothing to oppose the beautiful and deadly Bianca, who is shaped liked a Roman statue dedicated to a Goddess of War. She has her way with him against all of his efforts, winning the fight with a score of 11 to 0, using scissorholds, pins and stretches, occasionally turning the match into an onslaught, and humiliating Duncan when she desires.

MX-240 is a classic Fight Pulse competitive encounter between a strong, skilled, willful woman and a weaker, less-skilled man who is doing his best to fight back but gets crushed by incredible, often ruthless subjugation tactics of his superior female opponent.


Match outline: stretching with interviews, staredown, the match itself (20 min), victory poses, concluding interviews.

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1 year 3 months ago

Pretty sensational this lady is so will say no more!