MX-248: Dolly vs Christian

A perfect combination of beauty and power, the Hungarian Amazon, lookin’ swell, Dolly (stats), finally steps foot onto the dark square, to the benefit of all, except, naturally, Christian (stats), who finds himself nose-to-nose with a muscular, athletic, experienced woman in undoubtedly a losing fight.

If you enjoy watching stronger women showing weaker men what is UP in a real, fast-paced match, this is it.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (19 min), long victory posing (4 min), concluding interviews + crowd interview.

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Profile photo of Charles
4 months 9 days ago

WOW! I am shocked to see Christian NOT tapping on Dolly’s strong head and body scissors!! I was blown away how competitive this was! So great to see Dolly on Fight Pulse she is an absolute beast!! I would have like to see some breast smothering. Getting to see Dolly’s biceps and legs flex in this match jaw dropping!! Plus when her biceps flex her boobs get bigger incredible She is a sight to see on the mats!!