NC-146: Gloria vs Gernot

One of the most promising newcomers of the September draft, Gloria (stats), takes on an experienced male grappler, Gernot (stats), in this back-and-forth, but ultimately one-sided, semi-competitive, mixed wrestling match!

Gloria showcases a great variety of headscissor techniques, wrapping her long, strong legs around Gernot’s neck and jaw at every opportunity, absolutely enjoying squeezing him to submission. Her personality shines as she gets submission after submission, even mocking Gernot at times, clearly loving the punishment she inflicts with her legs. There are facesitting holds and pins, but Gloria’s mastery of headscissors is what stands out the most in this mixed wrestling match.

Gernot is not a push-over. Being proficient in Judo, he applies several good pins on Gloria, which test her composure and endurance. But ultimately, Gloria is triumphant with a decisive score. Her love of wrestling is what makes her matches a must-see for all of fans of Fight Pulse. Watch this lady, dear fans. She is the future!

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (18 minutes), victory pose (foot on face, then on chest), concluding interviews.

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