MX-136: Axa Jay vs Peter

Axa Jay (stats) subdues and humiliates her aggressive opponent, Peter (stats), in a real, unscripted no-rounds mixed encounter. A fantastic onslaught for all fans of the genre!

Lengthy, torturous headscissor holds, long facesit smothering domination, foot domination holds – Axa shows once again why she is one of the best in the world in dominating men, pinning and trapping Peter with her powerful arms and legs, and making him submit over and over and over again before switching to another dominant position. The fact that Axa is capable of doing it in such a fashion to an unwilling man who wants to fight back is fantastic to witness. This video also contains one of the most humiliating holds we’ve ever seen in a competitive setting.

This video is a must-see for all fans of real mixed wrestling domination!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (21 minutes), victory pose (facesit flexing, then foot on face), concluding interviews.

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4 years 8 months ago

A completely dominant and amazing ass whipping is what Axa Jay does to Peter in this onslaught style mixed wrestling match. Unlike a pins and submissions style match which allows the wrestlers to have a short break and restart equally, on their knees in the center of the mat, after a pin or submission is gained, the onslaught style match has no breaks and just keeps going from one submission hold or pin to the next as the opponents continually grapple for control over the other. This is definitely an advantage for Axa Jay, as she controls the action throughout… Read more »