NC-180: Suzanne vs Karel

In NC-180 one of the most naturally-dominant ladies you have seen, Suzanne (stats), showcases her love of physical domination over a male opponent in a spectacular mixed wrestling onslaught!

Many of you already know that Suzanne is one of the best facesitters at Fight Pulse – the way she enjoys straddling and smothering her victims into submission is fascinating to say the least. And this match has no shortage of long, heavy, front and reverse facesit holds. Suzanne also subjects her opponent-turned-victim to lengthy headscissor domination – forward, figure-4, reverse, reverse figure-4 – squashing his face and neck between her powerful thighs and knees, while flexing and laughing at him. Through foot domination, foot chokes, scissors, smother holds, tight schoolgirl pins, pubis chokes, and face-smashing heavy facesitting Suzanne establishes dominance and control for close to 20 minutes, while verbally humiliating Karel, laughing at his predicament, and flexing for the camera, indulging in her power.

NC-180 is one of Suzanne’s most dominant performances and an absolute must-watch for all fans of female domination and facesitting in mixed wrestling!

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (18 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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