NC-184: Roxy vs Frank

Please welcome Roxy (stats), an athletic, agile Judoka, powerful mountaineer, one of the most exciting recruits we’ve had in a while!

Roxy’s competence in pins, exceptional scissoring instinct, and her visible joy from physically being in control make for an absolutely amazing debut, arguably one of the best of any newcomer to Fight Pulse. Tight schoolgirl pins, pubis chokes and reverse headscissors seem to be Roxy’s favorite weapons here, and they are all applied unusually effectively and securely for a newcomer. Roxy tries all the holds she knows so far to great success in this mixed match – front and reverse facesit smothers, many variations of headscissors, cross-body pins and more.

This debut match is not to be missed! Roxy is destined to achieve great things in our scene, and this match is why.

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (21 minutes), victory pose (foot choke, then foot on face).

Preview photos:

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