NC-185: Donna Spietata II

Bianca (stats)’s second onslaught at Fight Pulse is a masterpiece of female domination on the mats, a ruthless display of power and control through wrestling by a strong, aggressive, alpha female.

When filming a domination video, we usually choreograph at least part of the action. Not here. Donna Spietata told us that she wants to do what she wants, and asked that we simply film it. The result is one of the most spectacular displays of dominance we have ever witnessed. You should too.

Bianca applies long, breathtaking facesit smothering, vicious prolonged headscissor submissions, foot domination, hand smothering, and even biting, among many other attacks to subjugate her male victim.

NC-185, along with Bianca’s first onslaught, NC-179, are two of this year’s best onslaughts, a must-watch for fans of powerful, assertive, aggressive women exercising complete dominance and tormenting men on the mats!

Match outline: Bianca stretching, the onslaught itself (23 minutes), victory pose (foot on crotch, then on face).

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