NC-221: Bianca & Leona vs Andreas (onslaught)

In this spectacular 2F vs 1M onslaught Bianca (stats) and Leona (stats) demonstrate Andreas (stats) all the cruel powers of their divine bodies. Whether he wants or not, he has no other option but to praise the Goddesses of the mats with a worthy sacrifice.

A devious mix of foot domination, scissors and pins grants the Goddesses unlimited power over their victim. Bianca continuously uses her lower body to remind Andreas of his mortal origins, and Leona does a great job to support her ally making it even more painful for their prey.

NC-221 is an outstanding onslaught, no fan of domination would ever want to miss.

Match outline: staredown, the onslaught (18 minutes), shower scene.

Preview photos:

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1 year 10 months ago

Regrettably, until now I only saw the presentation pictures: Bianca is very sexy, very strong, very dominant and cruel. You can see that she lives and likes what she does. And the pretty and well built Leona also seems to have fun. Congrats!