Jenni Czech headscissors another male victim

NC-25: Jenni Czech vs Andreas

With a record 77% anticipation rating our second release with Jenni Czech has become the most anticipated release since we launched the polls on the Upcoming Releases page.

If you didn’t know her before, you certainly do now, having witnessed Jenni’s ability to dominate her opponents and crush their wills between her naturally strong and trained legs and under her feet in our fastest best-seller to date, NC-23. The key to her popularity is that Jenni truly enjoys being on top, inflicting pain and taking “the stronger sex” to their limits, making them tap, and tap, and tap, and only then letting go.

How did Andreas do against Jenni? Let us tell you. He went through a series of excruciating submissions and humiliating pins and a record 19 points were taken by Jenni as a result of this onslaught. The rules for this match-up were “chokes and joint locks allowed“, knowing which, Jenni added several guillotines, rear-naked-choke-bodyscissors combos and armbars into the mix. Magnificent body and headscissors, trachea-crushing tight schoolgirl pins, long and painful lotus lock, groin-ripping tight grapevine pins – this video has it all for fans of one-sided mixed wrestling matches (see tag list below the release for a complete list of holds and positions). The match ends with a beautiful victory pose sequence, as Jenni triumphantly smiles at the camera, enjoying her superiority, treading on the fallen young man’s face.

Match outline: introductory interviews, the match itself (21 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest, then foot on neck, then foot on face), final interviews.

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