NC-23: Jenni Czech dominates her new student

At 74% this title is our most anticipated release since we launched the Upcoming Releases page. And rightly so. NC-23 features Jenni Czech‘s debut at Fight Pulse. Those of you who know her need no introduction. Those of you who don’t, well, consider yourself lucky, because you are about to discover one of the most talented wrestle-Dominas of our scene. She certainly enjoys taking her victims to their limits, squeezing and squashing submissions out of them, always finding new positions in which she can use leverage to make her opponents squirm and tap, all the while humiliating them verbally and physically, by placing her feet in their faces. But she doesn’t let go immediately, keeping the pressure on for a few more seconds, waiting until panic kicks in, enjoying the quivering of her victims between her legs or under her feet.

This encounter is no different. It starts with Marek questioning Jenni’s competence because she is a woman. What a stupid thing to do. Marek has joined a new dojo and this is his first wrestling class. While he stretches on the mats, waiting for his instructor to come, he notices a lady who is seated at her desk, reclining on a chair, with her feet on the table. He decides to ask her whether she knows where his instructor is. Jenni Czech replies that she IS the instructor. Marek finds it funny and asks Jenni to be serious. Serious she gets. When he tells her that there is no way a woman is going to teach a wrestling class, Jenni decides it is time for Marek’s first lesson. And today’s lesson is: pain, humiliation and submission. This is the price Marek will have to pay for disrespecting Jenni.

Full-weight trampling, neck crushing, headscsissor submissions, tight choking schoolgirl pin, painful camel clutch, humiliating lotus lock, foot on face domination, toes in neck submission (!) – this video has it all, and more (see the long taglist below the release). Jenni takes Marek to his limit and does not let go until he taps and taps and taps. She humiliates him verbally and physically in a way that he will never forget.

If you love Female domination through wrestling, we promise, you will love this title.

Match outline: prologue, wrestling domination, victory pose (foot on chest, then full-weight cheststanding, then one foot on chest one foot on face).

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7 years 10 months ago

I love how cruel Jenni is. There is no way she accepts his submission. Instead she increases the brutality to punish him for being such a wimp

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7 years 9 months ago

Even though my preference is F vs F, this one is a definite must, especially if you prefer total domination by a beautiful girl. And Jenni is certainly a stunningly beautiful girl, and this is pure female domination at its best. From the first moment Jenni takes control into her hands and dominates and humiliates the poor guy, with a series of cruel wrestling holds. She knows her stuff, knows what we like to see, and is obviously enjoying every minute of it. I really like how she taunts her hapless victim, while applying these brutal holds. Jenni is definitely… Read more »