NC-69: Diana vs Andreas

Dear Fight Pulse Fans and Subscribers, Diana (stats) is back!

This is our first release with Fight Pulse’s own world-beater in 16 months. During her absence Diana has taken part in various female wrestling events across Europe and has solidified herself as one of Europe’s best submissions wrestlers, being unbeaten in Europe. Also during this time she has taken on American Football, as well as MMA. Stronger than ever, she is back to kick some ass!

In her first Fight Pulse match in over a year Diana is facing Andreas (stats), a smaller and less skilled opponent. Then why in the world is this an NC title, a semi-competitive match, you might ask. Well, first of all, let us say to those of you who are waiting for a competitive mixed wrestling match between Diana and Andreas that you should not worry, since the planned MX release will be done on Monday (13/March). Yes, we have shot 2 videos with Diana and Andreas, one of them, this particular one, is a semi-competitive match. It all happened due to a misunderstanding. Andreas, unaware of Diana’s skills, thought that this will not be a competitive match. We only realized this after the post-match interview, and decided to have another match the same day, but fully competitive, which will be released in 2 days. But first, here’s the semi-competitive match.

Not only has Diana improved physically, but thanks to sessioning and F/F fighting experience, her arsenal of holds has expanded greatly. You will see unusual shoulder stretches in this match, surfboard stretch submissions, great headscissors holds and more.

While this is a semi-competitive match, it is at times fully-competitive, which is why we didn’t spot the lesser effort by Andreas until he admitted to it in the post-match interview.

It is a marvel to watch a young, strong, beautiful woman dominate a smaller weaker man, sometimes through sheer brute strength, but often through superior skills. If you are a fan of one-sided mixed wrestling, NC-69 is for you!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (20 minutes), victory pose (foot on face), final interviews.

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Profile photo of zico
7 years 2 months ago

It is nice fight I think
He must give more power and effort then may be he can win
I wish fight against Diana
If Naji arrange that