Full HD is here! ( + poll results)

Dear Fans and Customers, due to the popular vote in the recent questionnaire, we will now provide full HD versions of the videos with all future releases. In fact we started doing so with NC-88 Foxy vs Luke on June 24th.

There is no extra charge, and no additional thing you need to do to obtain the full HD version of a video. When you purchase a video product, like you usually do, you will now be presented with 2 download links – the usual 720p version, and the new full HD version – so that you can click on and download the one you prefer. This will not affect the prices of the videos.

In regards to the second question of the mentioned polls, based on your votes we have decided that we will increase the frequency of releases to 3 per week starting this fall.

Concerning the VR question, based on poll results we have decided not to pursue this direction yet.

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