What’s going on?

Dear Fans and Friends,

Due to personal matters I haven’t been able to attend work. We will get back on track once things settle down. Thank you all for your patience and interest. We have filmed a huge number of matches during Summer, some of the best content we’ve ever shot, and can’t wait to start releasing them.

Here are some photos from these in the meantime:

Hope you’re having a great day!

With love,

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1 year 4 days ago

I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through stuff at the moment! It’s been sad not having my notification(or seeing my future wife Sasha wrestle lol)
Hope you make it through the other side ok!!!!

Profile photo of MauCole
11 months 23 days ago

Naji, the photos are amazing. hope you all back soon and start releasing them. take care.

Profile photo of Tactician
11 months 20 days ago

Your in our thoughts and we wish you all the best. We are looking forward to the new releases.

Profile photo of mwd77
11 months 9 days ago

Hello! I hope things will be better for you soon. And, sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems now. Try to think positively. You and the Fight Pulse team are in my thoughts and best wishes for the future.

Profile photo of leonardo
11 months 29 days ago

Not worry…we can attend…kind regards