MX-216: Roxy vs Andreas

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Roxy (stats) and Andreas (stats) have tasted each other’s wrestling skills in the tag-team match with Sheena and Luke earlier this day, even commenting after on who would win a 1-on-1 battle. It’s time to find out.

Both wrestlers agree in the pre-match interview that it will be a close, difficult, tiring match, and they are right. MX-216 is a must-watch fight for fans of back and forth, competitive mixed wrestling.

The playful, boisterous featherweight, Roxy, is at her best, pushing the pace, talking trash, and even surfing on Andreas when he asks for a break due to exhaustion.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (20 minutes), victory pose, concluding interviews.

Preview photos:

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