NC-210: Under Akela’s Feet

Your favorite alpha female, Akela (stats), puts on a masterpiece in foot domination on the mats in this fantastic footdom-focused onslaught, putting Duncan (stats) through hell under the soles of her feet.

NC-210 is an absolute must-watch for fans of foot domination, including foot smothering, foot worship, human furniture, foot on chest and face-pindowns and other humiliating positions, as well as headscissors and other submission holds. This at times brutal onslaught features Akela at her most dominant, causing destruction and subjugation with her feet over the male newcomer.

Match outline: staredown, the onslaught itself (22 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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3 Comments on "NC-210: Under Akela’s Feet"

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Profile photo of Leolopdunuf
11 months 30 days ago

Awesome!! I think this is the first video of Akela in this style, but she looked so natural doing foot domination. Definitely she has to do more videos like this, I loved it.

Profile photo of pandora
8 months 16 days ago

So having bought this even though I am not a huge fan of feet in this way, watching Akela is always a delight…with her playful and domineering attitude to the most curvaceous of figures (her boobs and booty are amazing) but with thighs that are all powerful and scintillating when ones poor head, Duncans in this case gets trapped between them! As this is non-competitive Duncan “allows” himself to get mashed and from various positions and moves Akela’s feet get firmly placed on his freshly squeezed head! From a classic reverse headscissors which makes him squeak in submission (tbh I… Read more »

Profile photo of Kick_My_Stomach
8 months 15 days ago

Wow, I have enjoyed every minute of this clip, Akela’s feet are so hot, and watch her sadistic side using them it’s a true pleasure, sh mocking and laugh of the poor and lucky victim in such exciting way.

Thanks for this vídeo and please give us more, this is adictive :)