B-03: Event Bundle (FW Titles)

This compilation contains all 12 competitive female wrestling matches that took place in our November live event. This first bundle has all matches that took place on day 1, Saturday, and can be found here: B-01 Event Bundle (Saturday). This second bundle has all matches that took place on day 2, Sunday, and can be found here: B-02 Event Bundle (Sunday).

This video is 04h 44m long, weighs 13.4 GB, and is in HD resolution (1280×720). Please make sure you have good Internet connection before you start the download, and follow the instructions in section zero of our FAQ in order to download the file reliably. Full HD version is available on request. If you need the full HD version, please contact us after you purchase this HD version, and we will send you a different download link.

The matches included in the bundle will be released individually as per the standard schedule before Summer.

Check out the event page for fighter stats.

Here’s the contents of this bundle:

# Title Type Starts Comments
1 FW Zoe vs Virginia Comp F/F 00h 00m Typical ruthless Zoe victory
2 FW Viktoria vs Sasha Comp F/F 00h 22m Viktoria’s return to wrestling
3 FW Bianca vs Virginia Comp F/F 00h 45m One-sided
4 FW Axa Jay vs Lucrecia Comp F/F 01h 10m Amazing fight, back-and-forth
5 FW Pamela vs Zoe Comp F/F 01h 35m Fire!
6 FW Axa Jay vs Black Venus Comp F/F 01h 59m Two of UK’s best square off
7 FW Bianca vs Sasha Comp F/F 02h 21m Onslaught
8 FW Axa Jay vs Bianca Comp F/F 02h 48m Must-see for F/F fans
9 FW Black Venus vs Diana Comp F/F 03h 11m The biggest fight of the event
10 FW Virginia vs Roxy Comp F/F 03h 33m Experienced vs newcomer
11 FW Axa Jay vs Roxy Comp F/F 03h 58m Roxy meets a legend
12 FW Sasha vs Suzanne Comp F/F 04h 20m One-sided, must-watch F/F match

Video outline: 12 matches (4h 44m).

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