MX-184: Black Venus vs Luke (domination rules)

The sensational British grappler, Black Venus (stats), and Fight Pulse regular, Luke (stats), square off in a rare, real, domination-rules match, a must-watch encounter for fans of facesitting and foot domination in a competitive setting!

A real, mixed, domination-rules match is rare type of match. We have only filmed 7 so far, and MX-184 is the first one in 2 years. Under “domination rules” ruleset only facesitting submissions, foot on face pins, and foot choke submissions are allowed and counted towards the score. It is not easy to pull off foot domination positions or facesit smother submissions in a competitive match, which is why we only make them when there is a skill and strength disparity between the opponents, which is the case in this match-up.

There’s no question that the athletic Amazon, one of the best talents of our scene, would absolutely maul Luke in a straight-on pins & submissions match. But can she score on her male opponent within such a limited and difficult ruleset in her first attempt?

Luke defends well early on, often succeeding in escaping Venus’s forced foot-on-face holds and facesit smother attempts, until Venus gets comfortable with the ruleset and finds ways to score, winning this bout in a decisive fashion.

During the post-match interview Luke says that he feels that he didn’t perform well because he wasn’t able to utilize his favorite holds – pins and scissors. When asked in return, whether he thinks he could score in a standard-ruleset match against Venus, surprisingly, he answers that he thinks that he could. This immediately prompts a round of pins & submissions style wrestling. As you can imagine, it is not a very long round, which leaves him embarrassed.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (19 minutes), long victory pose (reverse facesitting, then foot on face), concluding interviews, 1 round of pins & submission style wrestling.

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