competitive female wrestling with Siberia and Paloma

FW-02: Siberia vs Paloma

Two tough girls go at it on the mats of Fight Pulse. The 36-year old Siberia, an accomplished pole dancer, has experience on her side – she had fought several competitive matches before and has her own clipstore (Mighty Siberia) where she does mostly competitive domination. Paloma is absolutely new to wrestling, but outweighs Siberia by 76 pounds (34 kg) and she is very fast for a BBW, and very good with schoolgirl pins. This is an even match, and even though both competitors have fun during wrestling (if laughing during wrestling is not your thing, skip this one), they both give it 100% to win. Before the match Siberia told me that if she could avoid being pinned by Paloma, she would win the match. As you will see, once Paloma straddles your chest, it is almost impossible to escape. But don’t underestimate Siberia’s leg power either. All the years of pole dancing have done their job. There are short interviews with the wrestlers before and after the match. There is a beautiful victory pose at the end.

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Video clip has been removed

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