Anna pinned by her opponent

FW-06: Anna vs Emma

This is a debut match for both Anna (5′ 6″, 112 lbs, 28 y.o.) and Emma (5′ 10″, 148 lbs, 21 y.o.). They were trained before the match, and despite the weight difference we were expecting a more or less equal fight. But we were wrong. Even though Anna tries her best it is obvious that she is overmatched here. Emma’s assault is at times brutal, and petite Anna is in trouble all throughout the match. Nevertheless, Anna does get Emma into various scissor holds several times. But as it happens, Emma has a tremendous heart, and just wouldn’t tap, as you will once again witness in her upcoming mixed match against Peter. Even though the match is one sided, there is constant struggle from both competitors the entire 22 minutes of the fight. As usual, there are short interviews with both wrestlers before and after the match.

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