FW-107: Zoe vs Ali (facesit onslaught)

Newcomer, Ali (stats), faces one of the worst match-ups possible for her in a facesitting-submissions-only competitive onslaught-style match, the undefeated (in F/F matches) fan favorite, Zoe (stats).

If you enjoy aggressive F/F facesit domination in a real match, you absolutely have to see FW-107, as this is simply as good as it gets.

As you might already know, Zoe is the master of this ruleset. Two of our most popular competitive F/F facesit-wrestling matches feature her dismantling her opponents underneath her, FW-67 and FW-77. Her facesitting skills is one reason why she is so good in the smother-submissions-only ruleset – she has even succeeded to submit bigger opponents via facesit smothering in smother-rules matches (see FW-84). Zoe also goes for facesit submissions in matches with a standard ruleset. All of this is telling that Ali might be in over her head in this match.

And that turns out to be true. This is Ali’s most painful and humiliating experience at Fight Pulse to date, as Zoe takes her down using her superior size and strength, and forces her crotch on the newcomer’s face again and again, often roughly, making her submit multiple times before letting her up, using tight face-smashing full-weight front and reverse facesitting holds. Ali does her best to fight back, looks for an escape and doesn’t tap until she is well-trapped under Zoe and her air supply is cut-off. However, Ali is no match for Zoe. She is outclassed, and Zoe has her way with her, pinning or immobilizing her arms and straddling her face, smashing her nose and lips under her crotch, over and over again, smothering her opponent to submission.

Zoe caps off her torment with a forward-facesit bicep-flex over her exhausted prostrate opponent, where she again makes Ali tap out from the pressure on her nose as well as lack of air, then stands and treads on her face. While victory poses do not come naturally to some wrestlers, as they see it as an act of degradation, this has never been the case for Zoe. She has always enjoyed it, basking in her power every time she sat or stepped on a conquered opponent’s face, and this is one of the better examples of it.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (18 minutes), victory pose (facesit flexing, then foot on face), concluding interviews.

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4 years 3 months ago

j’adore Zoé !