FW-116: Gloria vs Suzanne

Two rising stars, Gloria (stats) and Suzanne (stats), clash in possibly the most important match-up at Fight Pulse currently, in a competitive, aggressive fight to determine the better woman!

Both Suzanne and Gloria are promising prospects who have already gained a significant following among Fight Pulse fans due to their competitive mindset and unreserved love of wrestling and physical domination. They are both rising stars destined to achieve great things in our world. Considering they are both middleweights, there was no way of avoiding this match, especially so due to the amount of requests we received about it. It is time to find out who is better between the two!

Gloria and Suzanne are already capable of defeating the majority of wrestlers on Fight Pulse roster, both females and males, in real combat. There is something special in watching two big, powerful women wrestle, both wanting nothing but victory over the other. This is one of the matches that if you are a fan of real, intense, female wrestling between both physically and mentally strong women, you absolutely have to see!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (15 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest).

Preview photos:

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