MX-143: Gloria vs Peter

One of the most promising newcomers at Fight Pulse, Gloria (stats), squares off against the always ready-to-fight Peter (stats) in an aggressive, competitive, mixed match, an absolute must-see for all fans of real male vs female combat!

If you weren’t a fan of Gloria before this match, trust us when we say that you will be now. She simply loves wrestling, and imposing her will physically onto her opponents. It becomes clear from the get-go that Gloria’s development of her skills has been rapid. Peter, with his aggression and experience, presents a lot of problems, most of which Gloria deals with in an incredibly effective manner.

While Peter gives her some trouble early on, Gloria wins this fight in an emphatic fashion. She matches Peter’s upper-body strength and aggressiveness and uses her legs to dominate positionally, scoring over 10 points via various pins and submissions, visibly enjoying being the superior wrestler. Among the highlights of this match are several great headscissors, an impressive, tight, schoolgirl pin early on, a reverse facesit later in the match, as well Gloria breaking the fourth wall multiple times to share her joy of dominance with the viewers.

If you are a fan of intense, competitive, mixed wrestling matches, with the female proving to be superior to the male and winning in a decisive manner, you will love MX-143!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (18 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest, then on face), concluding interviews.

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