MX-146: Buffy vs Karel

Two middleweights, Buffy (stats) and Karel (stats), square off in this intense, competitive match, a must-see for all fans of real, aggressive, mixed wrestling between two powerful wrestlers of opposite gender!

Buffy is coming off of back-to-back victories over two males in her fist two competitive matches, the last being a crushing defeat of Luke (stats) in MX-141. Karel has just had an amazing performance against Rage (stats) in his Fight Pulse debut, MX-139, giving her the most trouble any male has given her in the last year, despite ultimately losing the match.

MX-146 is a close match between two big, strong wrestlers, with both showcasing great display of aggression, athleticism and resilience, making a rematch down the line an absolute necessity.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (18 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest), concluding interviews.

Preview photos:

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