FW-16: Katniss vs Revana – schoolgirl pin challenge

By popular demand, schoolgirl pin challenge is back! This time between Katniss (5′ 7″, 170 cm; 110 lb, 50 kg) and Revana (5′ 6″, 165 cm; 121 lb, 55 kg) – two closely matched newcomers to Fight Pulse.

FW-16 starts with arm-wrestling between two girls the goal of which is to determine which of the opponents will be on top first. After the first pinner is determined the pin attempts start. Wrestlers take turn trying to pin each others’ shoulders down for 10 seconds within a 1-minute timeframe designated for each pin type. The pins include, in the sequence they appear in the challenge:
– belly-sit with wrists pinned
– grapevine pin
– chest straddle pin with shins on arms
– chest straddle pin with arms trapped between thighs and calves
– neck straddle pin
– reverse schoolgirl pin
– tight schoolgirl pin with arms trapped and pinned above head
– cross-body pin
– the wrestler picks the last pin

Hence there are 9 rounds (as opposed to 5 in our previous schoolgirl pin challenge FW-12), and a total of 18 pin attempts. However, in case it affects your decision to purchase this video, we would like to let you know that this is a very competitive challenge between opponents who are of same size, and most of the attempts are unsuccessful.

Match outline: arm wrestling, schoolgirl pin challenge (9 attempts each), long victory pose (tight schoolgirl pin), final interviews.

If you have watched both of our schoolgirl pin challenge videos, please let us know in the comments section below which one is your favorite and why, and feel free to send us any suggestions you might have regarding this format.

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