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FW-12: Xena vs Akela – schoolgirl pin challenge

Xena and Akela face off in our first attempt at a competitive schoolgirl pin challenge video. We filmed this match right after we filmed FW-11, which was a competitive pins & submissions style match between the two female warriors. For this challenge both opponents are wearing jeans. If you have watched the linked match, then you already know that Akela came out of it with a sprained ankle, but decided to continue filming. She has proven to have the instincts of a pinner, being able to skillfully balance her weight on top of her opponents. But will Xena’s weight advantage give her the edge in this challenge? After a short arm-wrestling challenge to start the video both opponents have 5 1-minute opportunities to pin each others’ shoulders down to the count of 10. Every round starts with one of the opponents already on top. The 5 positions are – stomach-straddling pin, chest-straddling pin with shins on biceps, tight neck-sitting schoolgirl pin, reverse sgpin, and lastly, tight neck-straddling schoolgirl pin with hands above – between the knees of the pinner. The preview photos that you can see below will hopefully provide a better explanation. Since this is our first sgpin challenge type video, we are sure there’s too much to improve. So, please let us know what you think about the video either through the contacts form, or by commenting directly below. Please feel free to suggest improvements to the challenge.

Match outline: staredown, short arm-wrestling challenge, schoolgirl pin challenge (5 attempts each), victory pose (tight schoolgirl pin with a bicep flex).

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