FW-47: Jane vs Pink Rose – endurance battle

This custom-request intense competitive female wrestling match between two lightweights, Jane (stats) and Pink Rose (stats), is our first match with endurance rules.

Endurance rules are simple – two competitors wrestle until one of them either cannot continue or verbally surrenders the match due to exhaustion. There are no breaks in the action, and the entire match is shot in one take (no cuts in the video). Bodyscissors are prohibited to make the match a little bit more difficult, more dynamic and tiring, which is why all of the points in this match come from either a pin or a variation of headscissors. There is a monetary bonus for the win, as well as a bonus for 15+ submissions, to motivate the wrestlers not to stall the action once they get tired.

FW-47 is our longest video released to date. It runs 64 minutes, 48 of which is continuous grueling competitive action. While both wrestlers try their best to win, one of them ends up dominating the match trying to get the 15+ points bonus. Can she make it?

Surrender comes 48 minutes into the match, and the winner, who is almost as exhausted, performs a schoolgirl pin bicep-flex followed by a standing foot-on-chest victory pose over her defeated opponent. FW-47 is a must-see title for fans of competitive F/F wrestling, as Jane and Pink Rose put out incredible effort to win (or survive) the endurance battle.

Note: The file size of this title is huge due to the duration of the (HD) video, which is why we have included an alternative standard-definition version of it in the shop (see below for product link).

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (48 minutes of action), victory pose (sgpin bicep flex, foot on chest), final interviews.

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