flying acrobatic headscissors by Sky Storm

NC-36: Sky Storm vs Fernando

Our third video with our guest from USA, petite powerhouse, Sky Storm (stats), features her in a semi-competitive mixed wrestling match against Fernando (stats).

Fernando presents a problem for Sky with his big height and weight advantage. Sometimes he is able to simply power his way through holds and escape pins by lifting his female opponent off of him. Sky tries to solve this problem with agility, aggression and superior wrestling skills, displaying great flexibility and acrobatic ability along the way.

While labeled as semi-competitive, this is one of our more competitive matches among NC titles. There is back and forth action and points scored by each side. Look out for a long and grueling round 2 where the competitive spirit of the match is more evident.

If you enjoy watching the female wrestler come out on top through hard work and aggression while facing a bigger and arguably stronger opponent, you will enjoy this title.

NC-36 is shorter than a usual Fight Pulse match, which is why it comes with a discount.

Note: there are no interviews in this video

Match outline: the match itself (12 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest).

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6 years 5 months ago

NC-36 is listed as a semi-competitive match, but it is still a hard fought match despite not being fully competitive. In this video, Sky Storm fights hard to pin Fernando or make him submit, while he fights hard to stop her. This video is good example of a tough match between a woman who is smaller but more experienced in wrestling, taking on a man who is larger and stronger but less experienced in wrestling. At least one round ends in a stalemate and is re-started, and Fernando gets on top of Sky Storm a few times and even scores… Read more »